Cholesterol Tutor – The Truth About Cholesterol

what is cholesterol
What is Cholesterol?

Learn the truth about this vital substance that your body makes and cannot do without!



cholesterol and heart disease
Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease! Learn the truth
about heart disease and cholesterol.



cholesterol tests
Cholesterol Tests

Important tests for determining heart disease risk.



good cholesterol levels
What are good cholesterol levels?

Total cholesterol numbers are not good predictors of
heart disease risk. Learn why!



heart healthy foods
Heart Healthy Foods

Foods that support a healthy heart and cardiovascular
system, and prevent heart disease.



fish oil and cholesterol
Beneficial Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements that support a healthy
cardiovascular system.



lifestyle changes and cholesterol
Beneficial Exercise and Lifestyle Changes

Exercise and lifestyle changes can reduce stress and
improve heart health.



Cholesterol Tutor – An Overview

The mission of Cholesterol Tutor is to give you the very latest cutting edge information about the subject of cholesterol (also called lipoproteins) and it’s effect on your heart and health in general. The most important thing you will learn is that it is a natural and necessary substance which is vital to your health!

It is no longer appropriate to just try to lower your LDL levels. In fact you might not even need to! The most important thing is to get what’s called your lipid profile to be optimal for your individual health needs.

Dangers of Statin Drugs

Using statin drugs, instead of trying to optimize your lipid profile naturally will put you at risk for serious health problems. Statin drugs prevent your body from making cholesterol and co-enzyme q10 both of which are essential to healthy cell function.

The idea that the lower your levels are the better is 100% WRONG and can have serious health consequences for you. Your first goal should be to determine your profile AND your inflammatory markers using the proper blood tests.

Then you will need to create a plan to address your specific problems and optimize your lipid profile as well as getting chronic inflammation under control. In cholesterol tutor site you will learn that inflammation is the real cause of heart disease, and you will also learn how to reduce it!

The Right Focus

Many of the strategies that were used to lower LDL are still good ideas, but NOT because they lower the levels of lipoprotiens in your blood, but rather because they result in less inflammation, better nutrition, and give your body what it needs to be healthy.

As you explore cholesterol tutor, you will learn that when LDL gets too low it can threaten the health of your brain and nervous system because they need it to function properly. This is why statin drugs have been linked to serious health problems like Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and muscle damage.

It is really a case of shifting the emphasis from lowering LDL to lowering inflammation and optimizing your nutrition. Your body will do the rest, and you will greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, while ensuring that your brain and nervous system remain healthy.

I will show how to optimize your profile with:

  • Foods to support heart health
  • Proper exercise
  • How to lower inflammation
  • Beneficial nutritional supplements
  • Boosting HDL
  • Lowering stress and thinning the blood naturally

Cholesterol Myths

Cholesterol tutor will be exposing the myths that are among the most widely believed in the world of medicine. Doctors have become influenced by the pharmaceutical industry and have become fixated on lowering LDL levels as a means of preventing heart disease. This approach is wrong!

This concept has been disproved, and has no basis in scientific evidence. Doctors all over the world are now re-evaluating what they thought they knew about this subject, and are starting to shift their thinking toward treating and preventing inflammation, which is the real cause of heart disease.

This website will try to keep up with all the latest developments from the medical world on this topic, plus giving you additional insights on other strategies that can help you lower your risk not only of heart disease but other diseases as well. All of these health problems are related and we will be taking a proactive approach to sharing THE latest and best information we can find with you.

Cholesterol tutor will be your information source for cutting edge information regarding heart disease. We will try and make this information as easy to understand and incorporate into your daily life as possible. Come back often, learn, understand and become healthier!

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